Frequently Requested Numbers

Autauga County 911

Autauga County 911 - Administration
Autauga County Courthouse334-361-3725
Autauga County Metro Jail334-361-2600
Autauga County Probate Office334-361-3725
Autauga County Revenue Commissioner334-361-3709
Autauga County Sheriff's Office334-361-2500
Emergency Management - Autauga County334-361-3758
Engineering Department - City of Prattville334-595-0550
Engineering Department - Autauga County334-361-3761
Humane Shelter334-358-2882
Prattville City Hall334-595-0100
Prattville Fire Department - Administration334-595-0300
Prattville Fire Department - Non-emergency Dispatch334-361-9911
Prattville Municipal Court334-595-0450
Prattville Police Department - Administration334-595-0208
Prattville Police Department - Investigations334-595-0240
Prattville Police Department - Non-emergency Dispatch334-361-9911
Public Works - City of Prattville334-595-0481
Sanitation Department - City of Prattville334-595-0621
Street Department - City of Prattville334-595-0561
Urban Management - City of Prattville334-595-0601
Wastewater - Autauga Creek Treatment Plant334-595-0640
Wastewater - Pine Creek Treatment Plant334-595-0650
Water Works Board334-365-6783
West Autauga Water Authority334-358-8003